Meet My Heroes and Heroines

          Since my first Bully Blog, I’ve thought a lot about different kinds of heroes

and heroines. I realized I know some people who are heroes and heroines. They will

speak to you in my next blogs:

          Like, my friend Song Lee gets a barf attack every time she has to play her

violin onstage, but she plays anyway. She also plays her violin for senior citizens in

nursing homes because she loves to make them happy.

          And kids make fun of Peter Cole because he’s huge for an eighth grader and

dresses weird with beads and a gold hoop earring. Because he’s different, the other

kids pick on him, so he sometimes wears a black eye. Peter’s an amazing

photographer and an even more amazing ventriloquist. He teaches little kids how to

throw their voice and he’s helping seventh grader Dylan Birch with his stuttering.

          Also, last week, Dylan stood up in front of a homeowner’s meeting, at the

community house in Mountain Lake, where we live and told everyone that kids

should have a vote in meetings. He reported that the lake was getting poisoned and

the fish dying every time the chemical company sprayed the lily pads. Dylan loves to

fish and hates the taste of chemicals.

          He stuttered during his speech, but he said what he had to say and no one

made fun of him like they do in middle school. The speech was his way of practicing

to be an actor because that’s what he wants to be more than anything else, except

maybe a marine biologist.

          My dad, Hyland Gaines, is the kind of hero you hear about on the news. On

one of his road trips driving his big rig, he saved a family from a burning car. He’s

also a hero because he drives his truck huge distances even though he’s in pain from

injuring his back when he saved that family. My dad drives his rig because he says

he has to provide for us. I’m going to help him find another job and my six-year old

brother Noah offered to help by going into the worm business – digging worms up

and selling them to fishermen on Mountain Lake. Pretty cool, though worms aren’t

my thing.

          I am so into heroes and heroines and one of my goals is to turn bully Wylie

Van Puck into a hero. My Grandma Gemma says there’s a seed of heroism in every

bully, but it was never watered. Changing Wylie will take a flood.

People can be bullied by problems in life and still perform heroic acts all the

time. They don’t think of themselves as heroes and heroines. My goal is to be a

heroine, but I’m scared of lots of things and like I said, in my first blog, I wish there

were a school for heroes and heroines.

          So, I’ll keep practicing.

          My Grandma also says that kids can change the world with Kid Power.

Let me know who you are and who are the different kinds of heroes and

heroines in your life?



Meet My Heroes and Heroines


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