“A Bully Speaks”


My name is Wylie Van Puck and I’m a bully.

Mya said I could feel like a hero by writing this blog.

Duh, I like being a bully.

She said I make other kids feel small so I can feel big, and I must feel small if I

need to feel big.

That’s intense.

“It’s a no-brainer,” Mya said. “Your mean self is huge, but your nice self can fit

into an anthill.”

So she had these questions for me to answer on her blog. Actually, she dared

me to answer and I can’t ignore a dare. It’s about how bullies think. Frankly, bullies

don’t think much.

Here goes:

Mya: “Okay Wylie, do you know what it feels like to be bullied?”

Wylie: “Totally, I get bullied by experts like my older brother R.J., my dad and my

math teacher.”

Mya: “How do they bully you?”

Wylie: “R.J. uses me as a punching bag. My dad threw all the pictures of my mom out

of the house and my math teacher calls me “C.D.F.Z. Brains”.

Mya: “What does C.D.F.Z. stand for?”

Wylie: “Counting Down From Zero.”

Mya: “Wow, that would make me feel small.”

Wylie: “Exactly. How about the other S words – scared, stupid and sad? There, I said

Mya: “It’s majorly brave to admit that, Wylie, so what do you do when you get


Wylie: “Last time, I used a sixth-grader as a punching bag, erased the pictures on

another kid’s cell phone, threw his phone in a trash can and called Peter Cole ‘Boob

Dude’ and ‘Fat Fairy.”

Mya: “Did that make you feel any better?”

Wylie: “Just when I was doing it…….Okay, I get it.”

Mya: “It’s cool that you get it. What are you going to do about it?”

Wylie: (shrugs) “Look, I’m the Numero Uno bully on Mountain Lake. I’ve got a

reputation to protect.”

Mya: “It looks like you don’t have an answer about the different choices you could

make, Wylie. Would you like to know what other kids might do?”

Wylie: “Whatever.”

Mya: (rolls her eyes) “Would you like to be the Numero Uno bully expert on my blog?”

Wylie: “I thought I was.”

Mya: “There’s hope for you yet, Wylie.”

Wylie: “Don’t count on it.”

“Dear Bloggers: Please prove that there’s hope for Wylie by posting your thoughts on

my blog. I promise he’ll answer you.”



Note from Mya’s pen parent, Ellen Ziegler: If you want to find out how Wylie Van

Puck bullies Mya Gaines and what she does about it, be on the lookout for my book:

“The Garden of Yin Yang”.


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